He was surprisingly calm when we last kissed the night as he got in his truck bound for South Dakota. I was to stay back to take care of the house and our pooch, Stinky, in Duncan, Oklahoma while he was contracted to work an unknown amount of months in the oil industry.

He called almost every night as he told me about the rigs and some of the men. He told me he was alone though and pursued his old love of facial hair. He sweet talked me every night to sleep always ending the conversation with “Scott, I love you babe, sweet dreams.”

I kept the calendar intact and 108 days later he returned, at night, just like when he left. Stinky was the first to know he was home as he rumbled down the drive coating the leafless trees in a dusty blanket.

I had gotten the voicemail the prior morning and was aware he was coming home, “Babe, I’m leavin here in a couple hours…. They abruptly told a couple of us to leave, as much as I want to be pissed it doesn’t matter cause I can’t fuckin wait to see you. Are you and Stinky gonna be home tomorrow afternoon cause I am going to drive all night if I have to so I can make it home tomorrow…. and don’t be worried, I really am not mad; you are all I can think about!” I listened to the message several times throughout the days and had just finished listening to it again when Stinky began yelpin. I ran out the front door to see that same lovely truck and that sweet smile appear as the door jarred open.

We connected as Stinky jumped up on Brad beggin for attention too. He grabbed a stick and chunked it as Stinky took off into the trees. We kissed more and went inside. I watched him as he ate the leftovers, his mustache was so hot and he looked damn fine.

“Alright, I miss that bed, and I miss you in that bed, let’s go to sleep, no more phone calls now.” He laid there unbuckled, both of us in full bliss, and I couldn’t help but take this. He was home!

Story by Chris Moody

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