1. Select an image you feel resonates with you from the “home” page

We invite you to write a short story, or a number of stories (250-350 words each) based on one of the images found on the home page. The story must be relevant to an event, or based on the life of those in the photo—a story essential to the individual’s character, a defining moment—or must explain, beyond what we can observe, is happening in the image.

If an image has previously been written about, please feel free to contribute an additional story. Your story can be entirely divergent, or can be one that builds on a previous submission. In this sense, not only are the images inspiring, but the previous stories become a source for creativity.

  1.     Write your 250-350 word story

The idea is to try and glimpse into the life of this person, who they were, what they did, what motivated them…etcetera. The short stories should be fictional and should express some intimacy towards the individual in the image. They should be written from the perspective of the individual, a friend or family member, or an impartial observer.

  1. Submit your story on the “submit a story” page

Before submitting, please fill in the name that you would like to appear beneath your story. If you have a personal website to which you would like to refer readers please include that in the appropriate space. We will post your story as soon as possible.

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