Bruce is seventy years old man with a neat shirt and creaseless pants. Bruce lost his wife three years ago. Since his wife died, he has had no joy in his life. He lost his smile. For three years, he has spent the rest of his life with books and daily tv shows. In these days, he is into a hobby that he can do by himself. It might sound silly, but finding small mistakes in his surroundings has become his hobby for last four months. The first mistake that he has found was a typo in local newspaper. There was an article about a bald boy who tries to be a monk, but a poor journalist spelled a word “bald” as “bold”. That was the beginning. He started searching for all the mistakes. From his room to kitchen, he made his cozy house as the world of mistakes. In this world, Bruce was the only one who can fix all the problems. It was all great until he found the worst mistake of God in his body. Bruce has been losing his hair since he tried the new hair dye product. His hair was rapidly falling out then in twenty days he became a half bald. While he was suffering from his hair loss, his grandson Jamie visited him. Combing his grandson’s hair, Bruce finds out another mistake of God in his grandson’s body. Bruce discover a circular empty spot in his grandsons hair. Even though the empty part in Jamie’s hair was covered with other hairs, the spot was very empty so it was visible just by slightly picking up other hairs.

Story by Joohye Park

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