I remember when this picture was taken, it was around my twenty-fifth birthday. My parents had had enough of me living in their basement and they finally kicked me out. I had only the clothes on my back and five-hundred dollars in my wallet. So I was walking down the sidewalk, when this man pulls up to me in this sweet looking turquoise car. I’m just staring at the car in awe, when a voice comes from car, “nice ride isn’t she.” I replied with, “Yeah she is, wish I could get myself a nice set of wheels like yours.” As I was saying this a man emerged from the front driver’s side door. This man looked like he was about in his mid to late forties and wearing a nice looking suit. The man said, “My names Larry,” as he put his hand out to shake. As my hand met Larry’s “I’m Tyrone, nice to meet you.” Larry looked at me and said, “Well Tyrone this is going to be your lucky day,” as he tossed me a set of keys. I stood there confused until Larry said, “Well what you waiting for Tyrone, let’s go take her for a spin!” Larry already getting in the passenger seat, I cautiously lower myself in to the driver’s seat, think this guy is going to pull something on me. I put the key in and turned it, to hear the purr of the engine. “Feels good doesn’t she Tyrone,” Larry said with a smile on his face. I reply “yes she does,” as I smile back at him. “Well she can be all yours Tyrone, if you can do me a solid,” Larry said. “What’s that Larry?” I replied back. Larry looked at me and said, “Give me a ride home.” I was shocked that was all he wanted a ride home, I replied with “That’s the least I can do Larry.” As I pull up into Larry’s driveway, Larry looks at me and says, “There is one more thing that you have to do Tyrone, get your picture taken.”

Story by Cody M. Martin-Davis

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