Hey Maria! Can you believe it? It’s like I effin’ won the lotto or something. Ten thousand big ones!

Hold still! I can’t get the shot! Spread ’em out. That’s better. Oh darlin’… I knew one day we’d make it. Mwuhhhh!

A huge weight was lifted off Bruno. A glow shone from within him. It warmed him up from the inside and radiated. Just radiated. The feeling was like the time he walked out of school at age fifteen and a half, gave the finger and knew he was never going back. Leaving those asshole teachers behind that had tagged him as trouble with a capital T from the start and that bullshit homework which he never did anyway… but this was a thousand times better. It was like God himself had parted the clouds, pointed at Bruno and said, “You, my son, are a legend,” shook his hand and then fluffed the clouds back together.

We can take that holiday to Acapulco. I can get my hair done every week. Maybe a boob job… What do you think about a boob job, darling? You always said you liked just over a handful. Come and get it, baaaaaaaby! She said, shaking her chest.

Maria squeezed them up to where they once were, and then some more, before the three kids had drained them. Drained her. She loved them and all. They were her everything but she wished she had it all back. You know, like in the good ol’ days. That’s when things were best between them. No kids, no money but lots of love and lovin’ on that sofa.

God, Bruno loved that woman. He knew it when he first saw her in that parking lot on the hottest day of Summer and he damn well knows it now. She was skipping school and chewing gum and wearing that short red skirt. She was beautiful. She’d stuck by him and ain’t nobody ever done that before. Never. He owed her the world. And he’d do his best to give it to her.

Oh, and time for a new sofa…

Story by Venita Poblocki

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