Sal held the camera steady as he took a picture of himself.  He wanted to see how he looked before he used his video camera to tape the submission he planned for the dating site.

Yeah, the jacket seemed to go with the shirt okay.

He was nervous.  It was almost five years (four years, 10 months, 3 weeks and one day) since his sweet Aimie had passed away. Hard years.

Grief had been assuaged by too much alcohol. Too much food. Too much loneliness.

At first he looked for a girl just like her.  Aimee had been a sweet woman, always concerned more about others.  So he wanted to find someone gentle and caring.  Aimee had a round face with earnest blue eyes that gleamed from behind oval, wire framed glasses.  Her soft blond hair was parted in the middle, and every morning she wove two neat braids.  When she unwound them every night, lustrous waves would be revealed.

So he wanted a woman who’s hidden beauty could be explored just by him.

He gave a small sigh as he set the camera down, looking at the photo as he rose from the chair.  Maybe he wouldn’t find another Aimee, he reflected.  But he was filled with hope that there was someone else out there for him.

Story by Cindy Hemedinger

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