She had no idea I was going to break up with her that night. All she had to do was put her hands together in that silly manner, say “hoppety hop” and I would melt. She knew it. I never could resist my little bunny foo foo. I’m even not sure when we came up the name, sometime when were drunk or high surely. In any case, that night, I managed to resist. You’re too much for me, I said. I’m not ready. Or words that were similar in their meaning. I hate you, she replied. You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Those words are exact. I never forgot those. There were others, but I don’t want to think of them now. All I want is to live in this picture, when she was still happy with me. We had gone with Trisha to a diner after a party and for once we acted as if we loved each other. So much so, I almost believed it myself. Whenever I think of her now, I don’t so much miss her, but I miss that character she would childishly play, my little bunny foo foo.

Story by Sonya Redi

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