Heh, Bobbie, put the camera down! Come on, I said put it down, your mother don’t like it. Tell him, Maggie, tell him how you don’t like it.
I don’t like it.
See, I told you she don’t like it. Now, put it down.
Your father don’t like it too.
Damn right, I don’t like it.
It’s an invasion.
An invasion that’s right! See how your mother talks now, see how your camera is invading, invading her, invading our space.
It’s a mealtime, Bobbie.
A mealtime, yes, it’s a mealtime!
And we want to eat.
You said it, Maggie. We want to eat, and we want to eat in peace and not have our picture taken.
Bobbie, please put the camera down.
Put it down or I’ll smash the goddamn thing!
Ron, don’t talk like that to Bobbie.
Woah, don’t start on me.
I’m not, but you shouldn’t make threats.
See what you’ve done, Bobbie? You and your camera has caused friction, turned your mother against me.
I’m not against you.
I know; it’s a figure of speech, Maggie.  Just like me saying I’d smash the camera.
You wouldn’t smash it?
No, but I’d like to.
Bobbie, your father is upset, put the camera down or I’ll smash it.
Ha! Good on you, Maggie. Your mother has balls, Bobbie. Balls!
I don’t have balls.
It’s a figure of  . . .
Yes, a figure of speech. Now put the camera down or I can’t answer for the consequences.

Story by Alan McCormick

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