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WOooh, yeah, that’s me. Look at that outfit! Snaaazzy! Going off to the biggest disco bar this side of the Miss-iss-ippi! That’s where I met your Grandma y’know. I know super cheesy story, probably heard it a million times before from a million different people. But I’m gonna tell you anyways. I walk in with my buddies, we’re all wearing the same outfit, different colors. When I see her, this gorgeous chick hittin it up on the dance floor! That disco ball flashin all sorts of shapes and colors on her! I think, naw, she’s outta my league and go get a drink with my friends. I’m a bit tipsy now and honestly forgot about her. I know! I know! Anyways, these other girls come sit with us and we talkin. Nothing too special about them, but my blue friend seems to like em. Ha haaaa, poor fool. You know what happens next though, your Grandma comes right up and sits down with us. I had to look at her a second to realize who it is. Everyone else kinda chats with her but I just sit and stare. I was like, dam- I mean- daaang! That chick actually sittin with us? I finally start talkin a bit and eventually we all decide to go off on the dance floor. My blue pall goes off with his girl, and her friend awkwardly dances with my two other pals. Guess your Grandma thought I was really something, cause she pulled me off and leaned in real close. You know what she said? Ok, ok because you asked. She leaned in close and said, “I’ve always liked red.”

Story by Anna M

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