My parents were really busy when I was little, so I had to go to stay with different relatives from time to time. I would like to go to all of their houses except for my grandma’s. Every time I went to her house, her dog Bailey would bark at me harshly and pretend that he was about to bite me. My grandma loved Bailey so much that she would not stop him but gave him a doll to stop him from barking at strangers. She never yelled at him. Bailey was really smart, but it was not the only reason why my grandma loved him. On a summer evening, my grandma took him out and they were walking in a park. She saw two dogs without owners fighting with each other and she wanted to stop them. Normally, Grandma was a dog person, and even stranger dogs liked her. She had no idea one of the dogs was going to bite her on the calf. That dog almost bit the flesh from her leg. Bailey was furious, he ran to that big dog and fought with him. But other people called the ambulance and separated the two dogs.

Bailey was really frustrated while Grandma was recovering. He just stayed in his little house without eating or drinking. He also refused to go out with my grandpa. Grandma said he felt guilty because he did not protect her. On the fourth day after the incident, Grandma decided to take him out to prove that she was fine. Surprisingly, they  met that dog who bit Grandma the previous day. Bailey became aggressive and he rushed to the dog and fought him. He was so fast that Grandma could not hold the leash. Bailey was brave that day. Even though that dog was huge, he bit almost half of his ear off. Later that day, Bailey came home and ate a huge meal, feeling he had completed his mission.

Story by Lan Yang


8:50PM…8:53…8:55, oh my God, five more minutes and she’ll be up! I’ll just sit here and wait for her. Wake up Amanda, its time to go to the park. Oh finally, the alarm!  I almost thought that it would never ring. She is getting up! Now she’s going to bathroom, this will take about 3 minutes, and then… then we will go to the park! There she is, she is coming towards me; “Good morning Cooper, you know what day it is? Today we’ll meet our new neighbors!” What neighbors, Amanda, we are going to park today, don’t you remember?
“You better behave well, when they come! Now lets go and make some waffles”
Waffles, what waffles; what about the park Amanda? But its fine, I’ll wait just for a little longer. 10 minutes… 15 minutes… 30 minutes…45 minutes… almost an hour…. It’s the doorbell!
“Oh they are here, Cooper! Stand up and meet them properly!”
– “Hello, Samantha and John!”
– “Hi, Amanda! Such a lovely apartment!”
– “Oh thank you very much! So nice of you. This is Cooper, my dog”
– “Oh, hi Cooper, you are such a lovely little boy!”
– “Why won’t you take off your coats and sit down with us and enjoy some     homemade waffles!”
What a joy! Two strangers eating delicious meal and I’m sitting here, with my fake smile, flicking my tail around just to create an impression that I love everything that is happening right now.
“I Just bought this new Polaroid camera and I can’t wait to try it out, John, can you please take a picture of me with Cooper? Cooper sit down here! Can’t you see a person is taking a photograph!” Oh not a photograph, I hate photographs! “Cooper open your mouth and hold your favorite toy, you look adorable when you have that toy in your mouth!” Okay Cooper, just pretend that you feel great, smile with that dumb face with a toy in your mouth as if you are the happiest dog on earth! “1,2,3… Done! Here comes your picture…”

Story by Giorgi Shengelaia

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