It had been a year since the last time that I see my parents living so far apart it seems as though the only time I can make it to see my parents is at Christmastime. I look forward to this time of year a chance to catch up with family and friends, and of course my mother’s cooking. Every year at Christmas my mother spares no expense creating the eating extravaganza, turkey, ham, and all the trimmings.
It is good to be back home for a while looking around at this old house it brings back the memories of years gone by. I couldn’t help but notice that not too many things have changed in this house my parents had left it in the same condition as when I grew up, I suppose they keep it this way to remember the past in their own way.
The night of the Christmas celebration was very enduring, family and friends telling old stores most of them have been told several times before, but with new embellishments here and there. Most of the family have showed up except for those that had past along in the last few years, and the ones that had prior invites with other family members.
Then the best part of the evening commences my mother’s cooking, I guess every son or daughter believe their mother to be the best cooks in the world, I am no exception to this rule. I look forward to this part of the evening the mouthwatering smells the colors from the displays fills the census, and recalls memories from the past.
Once again the celebration is over relatives depart the last of the leftovers are gone it’s time for the long plane trip back home. As I leave thinking back to the celebration I hope there is more of them to come. That my parents health will hold, and we will make another happy reunion the next year.

Story by Dennis Endresen

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