If I close my eyes I could still smell that damn horse. I think his name was Xavier or something like that. My mom knew a guy that worked down at the stables uptown, she worked in his wife’s office. I couldn’t really believe my eyes when the trailer pulled up in our driveway. It was a hot summer morning and I was in one of my moods because my mom decided to dress me and my little brother like twins. I wanted to wear my new speed racer tee we found at the thrift but noooo. My brother didn’t mind, always wanting to be like me. Anyways, right when that oversized truck pulled up, all that was forgotten. Through the open slits in the trail, Xavier looked right at me with one of his big, blinking brown eyes. when he walked out the whole world seem to stop. His legs prancing gracefully. I bet he knew all eyes were on him. He was the biggest thing I’d ever seen. his spots reminded of the horses the indians would ride in those John Wayne films my grandpa used to watch. Once I was on his back I felt like a king. of course, my brother had to join me up there but it didn’t even matter. I was on top of the world, looking down on all the adults like they’ve always ¬†done to me. I felt powerful, connected to my glorious steed. I was hercules and he was my pegasus! So now, I own eight horses and every time I climb on their backs, those vivid emotions flood back through me and for a second, I am a child again.

Story by Mario Rodriguez

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