This was it. My favorite photo. The last actual photo of me and Alyssa. The love of my life. I know that most people would jump me for burning this photo. But sometimes, letting go is a great way to start over. Just because I’m burning and getting rid of my favorite photo for good, doesn’t mean that I’ll forget her.

She is etched… Engraved, into my mind, heart, and soul. My sweet, sweet Alyssa. Burning this will ease the constant pain and hurt I am in. She didn’t deserve to be shot. She didn’t deserve to die. Damn, it would’ve made me feel better if I was shot too. At least I would know that my baby is alive and well.

My love, my one, true, passionate, beautiful, one and only love, has been taken away from me. Just because of her skin. “America is a free country.” Everyone says and believes that. Then, why do people use and abuse the freedom and power they are given just to take the lives of colored, innocent people? The world is corrupt. It is full of corrupt people.

I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my body and torn into pieces. Pain is all I feel, but… I feel power and strength as well. What has happened to me has given me a voice. Not only for my people. But for Alyssa. My love. I’ll meet your there Love. Wait for me. I’ll be there before you know it.

Story by Indigo M.

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